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Tayf Matbaa Mürekkepleri is a customer-focused company with an experienced and energetic staff that started its operations in the field of water-based flexo ink production in 2003. 

Tayf Matbaa Mürekkepleri has proven its quality products in a short time and has managed to become indispensable to customers. Besides aiming originality and innovation with its expert staff, Tayf Matbaa Mürekkepleri also exports products to many countries along with its services to every region of Turkey.         

The quality, efficiency, and special prescriptions of our ink is preferred by our customers. When developing new products, Tayf Matbaa Mürekkepleri takes into account the compatibility with the environment and offers creative solutions that increase performance. TAYF MATBAA MÜREKKEPLERİ develops successful projects with high quality customer group, increases capacity to serve wider range of customers, and builds partner relationship with the customers instead of supplier-customer relationship. In addition to producing our standard products, we can prepare custom solutions within a short period of time to meet customer needs. This flexible and solution-oriented production understanding and our fast and reliable customer services are appreciated by our customers.

With its expert technical staff, Tayf Matbaa Mürekkepleri is committed to continue its new projects and all kinds of technical supports in its own application labs as well as customers' application labs.

We would like you to know that as Tayf Matbaa Müreppleri family, we will be happy to work with you and be your teammate.